Siglas utilizadas en foros de afeitado

3 T’s Trumper, Taylor and Truefitt & Hillimage_regular

3B Best Badger Brush, usually referencing the C&E brush (see BBB below)


AD Acquisition Disorder

AFAIAC As Far as I Am Concerned

AFAIK As Far As I Know

AOS The Art of Shaving

AS After shave

ASAD After Shave Acquisition Disorder

ASB Aftershave balm

ASL Aftershave lotion

ASM Aftershave Milk

ASSC Aftershave Skin Conditionerpaperets+lejía+tres+ramos

ATG Against the grain (a pelo)

B&B “Badger & Blade” wet-shaving on-line community

B&BE Badger & Blade Essential Shaving Brush

BaBE Badger & Blade Essential Shaving Brush

BB Blenheim Bouquet, a fragrance by Penhaligon’s

BBB Best badger brush (often used in reference to an Edwin Jagger brush made for Crabtree & Evelyn)

BBLE Badger & Blade Limited Edition Brush (either 2006 or 2008)

BBS Baby butt smooth. A completely smooth shave result. (see DFS, CCS)

BUMP Bring Up My Post. A backronym from “bump”.

C&E Crabtree & Evelyn

C&S Czech & Speake

CF Castle Forbes (UK manufacturer of shaving cream, and grooming supplies)castle_forbes

CONUS Continental United States

CS Classic Shaving

CTG ‘Cross the grain’ (see XTG) . Contrapelo

CWR Cold water rinse (see WWR)

CCS Close, comfortable shave. Perhaps a notch less than a DFS. (see BBS, DFS)

DE Double-edge (general type of razor blade)

DKAD Dopp Kit Acquisition disorder

DFS Damn Fine Shave. A near-BBS. (see BBS, CCS)

EdC Eau de Cologne

EdP Eau de Parfum

EdT Eau de Toilette

EJ Edwin Jagger (UK shaving brush marque)

EO Essential Oil

E-W East-West (direction for stroke with a razor from left-to-right or right-to-left)

FB Fat Boy

FO Fragrance Oil

FS For sale

FT For trade

FYI For your information

FWIW For what it’s worth

GFT Geo. F. Trumper

GIT Green Irish Tweed. A frangrance by Creed

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HAND Have a nice day

HBS Honeybee Spa

HD Heavy Duty (a model of Merkur and other razors)

HHT Hanging Hair Test (a test to see if a straight razor is ready for shaving)

HMW High mountain white (a grade of badger hair used in Plisson shaving brushes)

HTH Hope This Helps

IIRC If I Recall Correctly

IMHO In my humble opinion

IOTN Indulgence of the night

IP Israeli Personna (specific marque of razor blade)

JFGI Just f***ing Google it

KMF Kiss My Face

LE Limited Edition

LH Long Handle (a model of Merkur and other razors)

LOL Laugh(ing) out loud

LTT Looking/Like to trade

M3 Mach 3 (a model of multi-blade cartridge razor by Gillette)

MB Mama Bear Molton Brown

MAD Multiple Acquisition Disorders

MP Muehle-Pinsel (German shaving brush marque)

MWF Mitchell’s Wool Fat

NB Nancy Boy (US manufacturer of shaving cream, ASB, shampoo, and grooming supplies)

NDC No Date Code (when referring to vintage razors)

NfMS Nivea for Men Sensitive

NOS New Old Stock (an item that is still in it’s original packaging/state, but no longer manufactured)

N-S North-South (direction for stroke with a razor from cheek up)

OP Original Poster or Original Post

PDQ Pretty damn quick

PIF Pay It Forward. Rather than “paying it back” to older members, paying it forward means giving away shaving equipment to newbies.

PJ Persian Jar (a shape for a shaving brush handle; a model of Simpson’s shaving brush)

PM Personal message (message sent using on-line community’s web site rather than email)

PSO Pacific Shave Oil or Pre Shave Oil

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QED QED (quod erat demonstrandum) (US retailer of shaving supplies)

QFT quoted for truth

RAD Razor Acquisition Disorder

RBAD Razor Blade Acquisition Disorder

RMWS Roberts Method Wet Shaving

RP Round Point (straight razor)

SBAD Shaving Brush Acquisition Disorder

SCAD Shaving Cream Acquisition Disorder

SSAD Shaving Soap Acqisition Disorder

S&H Shipping and handling (in reference to Internet and/or eBay purchases)

SC Shaving cream

SCS Saint Charles Shave

SMF “Shave My Face” wet-shaving on-line community (

S-N South-North (direction for stroke with a razor from neck up)

SOTD Shave (scent) of the day (description of one day’s shaving process or AS)

SR Savile Row (UK shaving brush marque)

SRP Straight Razor Place, an online community dedicated to straight razor shaving (

SS Shaving soap SuperSpeed (model of Gillette safety razor)

STR8 Straight Razor

SWMBO She who must be obeyed (wife / girlfriend / partner)

warrant02T&H Truefitt & Hill (UK manufacturer of shaving cream, soap, ASB, grooming supplies)

TGQ The Gentlemen’s Quarter (West VA-based, cottage-industry maker of shaving cream, soap, and cologne)

TIPTLE Thiers-Issard Pierre Thiers Limited Edition, a limited edition straight razor made from old hand-hammered blanks.

TM Tony Miller/The Well Shaved Gentleman

TOBS Taylor of Old Bond Street

TSD “The Shave Den” wet-shaving on-line community (

TTO Twist-to-Open (razor where part of the handle spins to open “doors” on top for blade)

TWGW The World’s Greatest Wife (ie. one’s own wife, usually)

VDH Van Der HagenThiers-Issard_logo

W&B Wade & Butcher

W-E West-East (direction for stroke with a razor from left-to-right or right-to-left)

WHAD Witch Hazel Acquisition Disorder

WOW Woods of Windsor

WTB Want to buy

WTG With the grain (direction for stroke with a razor)

WTS Want to sell

WTT Want to trade

WWR Warm water rinse

XTG Across the grain (shaving at right angle to the direction of hair growth)

YGPM You’ve Got a Private Message

YMMV Your mileage may vary (i.e., you may have different results)


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